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Effective Parish Assessment

Optimize Parish Health & Operational Excellence

  • Doctors can assess your personal health. 

  • Financial planners can assess your financial health. 

  • Parishes have lacked similar validated tools to assess their 
       operational health. 

  • After 20+ years of work with over 500 pan-Orthodox parishes, the
       OMS team developed its Effective Parish Assessment (EPA). 

  • The EPA is a reliable, easy, and empirical way to assess the
       Parish health and operational effectiveness.


Our Challenge


of cradle Orthodox have left the Church


of young people fall away from the Church


of Orthodox Christians regularly attend Church


of Parishes are dependent on festivals and fundraisers to fund their operations

Is this a “Good Account Before The Awesome Judgment Seat of Christ?”

II Corinthians 5:10

The Effective Parish Assessment Program helps a church optimize to excellence the 6 Pillars and 30 Building Blocks of the most effective and healthy parishes.

The Effective Parish Assessment Program 

Learn More About Effective Parish Assessment

You can learn about the Effective Parish Assessment and its 6 Pillars and 30 Building Blocks of the most operationally healthy and effective parishes by listening to a two-part Stewardship Calling Ancient Faith Radio Program.

Part One explores the Pillars of "Vision & Planning,” "Leadership & Teams," and "Stewardship & Generosity." 

Part Two explores the Pillars of "Parishioner Engagement,” "Ministries," and "Operational Effectiveness."

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