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OMS is committed to making its Effective Parish Assessment available to all Orthodox parishes. Parishes interested in receiving more information about the Effective Parish Assessment should read the following EPA Parish Letter, EPA Program Description, and EPA Outline & Process and complete and submit the form below. (Those GOA parishes interested in participating in the separate Effective Parish Assessment Program (EPAP) sponsored by Leadership 100 and the GOA should sign up on the GOA EPAP page.)

EPA Parish



EPA Program



EPA Outline &


Learn More About Effective Parish Assessment

You can learn about the Effective Parish Assessment and its 6 Pillars and 30 Building Blocks of the most operationally healthy and effective parishes by listening to a two-part Stewardship Calling Ancient Faith Radio Program.

Part One explores the Pillars of "Vision & Planning,” "Leadership & Teams," and "Stewardship & Generosity." 

Part Two explores the Pillars of "Parishioner Engagement,” "Ministries," and "Operational Effectiveness."

To apply for the Orthodox EPA, please complete this form:

Thanks for applying! 
We'll get back to you soon.

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